Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Market begins!

What I enjoy most about the Market is my interactions with customers and vendors. The vendor next to me yesterday was selling heirloom tomato and basil plants, it looked like he had at least 100 of them. We got to chatting and he showed me an information sheet he prepared with the different varieties and their unique characteristics. It was fascinating. I asked him if cultivating plants was his "day job". He smiled and said, "no, I wish", I work at Pfizer as a global developer. Wow, I thought, thinking how cool it was he was pursuing his hobby. I left the Market with 3 heirloom tomato plants and 3 basil plants!
A customer came by the table interested in the gluten-free muffins. In the course of our conversation we talked about nutrition, one of my favorite topics. She suggested I make the gluten-free muffins without white sugar and use fruit juices or other sweeteners such as agave nectar. We talked about so much of our population becoming "gluten sensitive" because of all the processed foods we eat. She gave me much to think about. I told her of the muffins I make without sugar and of the new Smart Bar. As she left the table I thought, "how cool, I just made a new friend".
The Smart Bars were a hit and sold out in the first 45 minutes. I will make more for next week! So, come to the Farmers Market "Fresh on Q" at the Texas Township offices on Q Ave just west of 8th St.

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